Friday, August 16, 2013

'Winter and Spring 2013 Plein Air Paintings'

Garden Roses, Morning Light
 These plein air painting are mostly the larger landscape works I did on location this winter and spring. In between the rain and fog we had several beautiful days to get outdoors to paint on the north coast of California. Most of January was crisp, dry and sunny. All the paintings were painted just up the road from where Terry and I live or in our garden. The first and third rose paintings were started in the spring of 2012 and brought back out on location this spring. I'll work several sittings on all the larger paintings, often ten or more, with 95 of the work taking place in front of the subject at the same time and lighting conditions each sitting. Very little work was done in the studio. Most paintings only slight changes and touches as I study the work away from the subject. Some require more. Sometimes when a piece is not working I try to see the changes needed to make it work. I will often ask Terry for her input and she will give me insights I had not seen or thought of. Away from nature I always try to see how the piece works as a painting. If I struggle to see what the painting is missing, by going back out on location, it is often revealed to me. I love working from life and the deep connection and energy one feels while landscape painting. It is the experience of painting on location that, as a landscape painter, I thrive on.

Garden Path, Morning Light
30x24 oil on linen

Roses, Afternoon Sun
30x24 oil on linen

Late Light, Winter
16x24 oil on linen

20x24 oil on linen

Winter Afternoon, Loleta Valley
24x32 oil on linen

March Landscape
24x36 oil on linen

Mid-Morning, April
24x30 oil on linen

Morning Walk
12x16 oil on panel

November, Morning Light
16x20 oil on linen

Pond Study
8x12 oil on linen on panel

May Afternoon
24x20 oil on linen

Winter Morning, Singley Valley
18x30 oil on linen

Spring Pond
24x40 oil on linen

Spruce Trees
16x12 oil on linen on panel

Winds 25 MPH
16x20 oil on linen

Early Morning, Winter
16x40 oil on linen


  1. These are beautifully handled Jim!


    1. Thanks Chad. Glad to also hear you met and painted with George. He's a great friend and painter. I also enjoyed looking at your paintings. Very nice work.