Wednesday, September 25, 2013

'Small Summer Plein Air Paintings 2013'

Below are several small on location paintings from this summer. Most of the paintings are one sitting, some two and a couple three or four. I'm not locked into completing small works in one session unless everything falls into place and it works. If the piece needs more I'll bring it out to the spot for another go. Sometimes just a few adjustments in the studio is all the painting needs and rarely do I paint one that feels full and complete after  two or so hours of painting without needing another stroke. Once the light shifts beyond that two hour window I usually move on to another painting or site to paint. I think of these as complete paintings and have no plans to work them up into larger studio paintings. Once in awhile I will have a small piece that I'm compelled to work into a large painting using the study. That's really very rare for me as I would much rather bring a large canvas on location to paint my larger works. 

Morning Fog, Trinidad 12x16

Hookton Slough 9x12

Hills and Clouds 14x18

Apple Tree and Dog 9x12

Apple Trees-Sunlight 9x12

Baker Beach Afternoon 12x16

Cloud Study 8x12

Memorial Day, Claremont Park 12x16

Eel River Ranch 12x16

Fields Landing II 9x12

Fields Landing 8x12

King Salmon Slough 11x14

King Salmon, Afternoon 9x12

King Salmon, Late Light 9x12

Sky and Trees-Wind 14 1/2 x10

Lola 11x14

King Salmon-Early Morning 8x12

Smoky Morning 8x12

Loleta, September Sky-Afternoon 12x16

Loleta, September Sky-Morning  9x12

Street Scene, Fields Landing (unfinished)  12x16

June Sky 14x18

Clear Morning 8x12