Monday, April 16, 2012

Southern California Paintings

 24x36 oil on linen
This painting was a commission by the owner of this home.
Terry and I spent three weeks in Ontario Ca. It's in southern 
California and the area I was raised. For two weeks  I 
painted on this piece as well as several other paintings in this 
beautiful neighborhood. We both had a grand time painting in
the warm sunshine of Southern Calif., while the winds blew and 
the rain fell up here in Humboldt County. This home was 
built in 1926, the year my Father was born. A good year.

12x9 oil on panel
I had to paint some palm trees.

16x12 oil on panel
Terry and I painted in a park in Claremont Ca, just a
few miles from Ontario and my favorite town in the area.
A stunningly beautiful college town. We had met Richard Scott,
another painter and the son of a long time friend of my Dad's.
He suggested we get together to paint at the park. It was a great
afternoon and wonderful to meet and paint with another artist.
 I painted this view of a couple of homes across from the park.

12x9 oil on panel
While we were in Ontario a storm dropped some snow in the
mountains. We drove up three different afternoons to Mt. Baldy
and I painted three snow studies. It was exhilarating each time.

 24x30 oil on linen
Palm and Armsley
This is the view looking east on Armsley Square in the morning
light. It is truly a beautiful tree lined street. I loved working with
all the different shapes of trees and plants, shadows and light, and
a variety of greens.

9x12 oil on panel
Another view from the park in Claremont. I was struck by
the glowing house and the stop lights. I also love adding 
figures as they walk the streets.

 16x12 oil on panel 
Light and Shadow

 12x16 oil on panel
Looking west along Armsley Square, morning light

16x12 oil on panel
Snow and Light