Monday, July 1, 2013

'Oil Sketches From Bear Basin Butte Fire Lookout'

It's been four years since I made the trip with friends up to the Lookout. I was invited this year with plans to spend five days painting. The weather had other plans. We could not see past one hundred feet or so. A complete white out as we sat at 5,500 ft. in the clouds and mist. On Thursday morning it started to clear and we had a day and a half of hot sun and stunning views before we had to pack up and leave. I worked fast knowing I had only one sitting on each painting. I've posted the six pieces I painted below. 

Looking West, Lifting Clouds
oil on linen on panel 11x14

Sun and Clouds
oil on paper 10 1/2 x 14 1/2

An Afternoon Conversation
oil on panel 12x16

Looking East, Lifting Clouds
oil on linen on panel 16x20

Table Talk
oil on linen on panel 9x12

A Clear Morning
oil on linen on panel 11x14