Friday, November 22, 2013

'Trinidad California, Paintings from the North Coast'

We have had some very dry weather and little fog this late summer and fall. In late September through October my wife Terry and I drove up to Trinidad each day to meet up and paint with several friends. Most days were stunning, some very windy so we had to back off the bluffs or pack it up for the day. Down on the beach there was some protection from the wind. This body of work was painted during that time period, most of it from the bluffs above Trinidad State Beach, some from other areas in Trinidad when I tried to escape the winds. I also have posted three watercolors. Sometimes I make a watercolor work with only transparent washes, but you'll see I have used opaque passages when all else failed. I enjoy working with watercolor and don't mind going opaque if I can make the painting work. It does tend to take on the look of an oil. Everything was painted on site with some adjustments made in the studio where I felt it was needed. Thanks for taking a look and I appreciate any comments.

Trinidad State Beach with Painter
9x12 oil on linen panel

Morning shadows, Trinidad State Beach
24x36 oil on linen

Morning Shadows 11x14 oil on linen panel

Afternoon Sun 11x14 oil on linen panel

Bluff Painters Four 9x12 oil on linen on panel

Bluff Painters 12x9 oil on linen on panel

College Cove Afternoon 11x15

College Cove Bathers 11x15

Arch, Trinidad State Beach 7x10
opaque watercolor

Incoming Fog 9x12 oil on linen panel

Late Light 16x24 Trinidad State Beach

Mid-Morning, State Beach 12x16
oil on linen panel

Low Tide-Late Light 5x7 oil on linen panel

Low Tide 2 7x5 oil on linen on panel

Luffenholtz Cypress 12x16 oil on linen panel

Mid Morning Sun 11x14 oil on linen panel

Sea Stacks, Low Tide 14x18 oil on linen panel

Afternoon Sun, Trinidad State Beach
16x12 oil on line panel

Friday, October 25, 2013

' The Lake Paintings'

In September I gave a workshop at the Morris Graves property which is now run by the Morris Graves Foundation and offers about nine artists retreats per year. The workshop had 10 painters and lasted three days. Terry and I spent two weeks at the lake. It was one of my most perfect painting experiences. There are no phones, TV, radio, cameras or computers allowed on the property. It's the most peaceful quiet we have had in a long time. We painted everyday from early light to late, ate our meals, read some and slept for the night. I have posted all the work I completed plus the two demos I painted for the workshop. We had sun, some morning fog and a bit of rain. It's a stunning place.

Old Alder 24x30 oil on linen

Demo showing my block in on a grey morning 11x14

Afternoon demo 12x9 The bright yellow stuff is duck weed

Grey Afternoon 12x16 oil on linen on panel

Inside Morris Graves Home 9x12 oil on panel
It rained a lot this day, so I went into the house and painted the
 view from the living room out to the lake. It's just as Morris left it.

The Lake, Afternoon Sun 23x36 oil on linen

The Lake, Fog 30x36 oil on linen

The Lake, Morning Sun  18x24 oil on linen

Late Light 24x30 oil on linen

The Lake, Mid-Morning Sun  20x30 oil on linen

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

'Small Summer Plein Air Paintings 2013'

Below are several small on location paintings from this summer. Most of the paintings are one sitting, some two and a couple three or four. I'm not locked into completing small works in one session unless everything falls into place and it works. If the piece needs more I'll bring it out to the spot for another go. Sometimes just a few adjustments in the studio is all the painting needs and rarely do I paint one that feels full and complete after  two or so hours of painting without needing another stroke. Once the light shifts beyond that two hour window I usually move on to another painting or site to paint. I think of these as complete paintings and have no plans to work them up into larger studio paintings. Once in awhile I will have a small piece that I'm compelled to work into a large painting using the study. That's really very rare for me as I would much rather bring a large canvas on location to paint my larger works. 

Morning Fog, Trinidad 12x16

Hookton Slough 9x12

Hills and Clouds 14x18

Apple Tree and Dog 9x12

Apple Trees-Sunlight 9x12

Baker Beach Afternoon 12x16

Cloud Study 8x12

Memorial Day, Claremont Park 12x16

Eel River Ranch 12x16

Fields Landing II 9x12

Fields Landing 8x12

King Salmon Slough 11x14

King Salmon, Afternoon 9x12

King Salmon, Late Light 9x12

Sky and Trees-Wind 14 1/2 x10

Lola 11x14

King Salmon-Early Morning 8x12

Smoky Morning 8x12

Loleta, September Sky-Afternoon 12x16

Loleta, September Sky-Morning  9x12

Street Scene, Fields Landing (unfinished)  12x16

June Sky 14x18

Clear Morning 8x12