Sunday, November 27, 2011

Portrait of Roland and Self Portrait at 60

18x14 oil on linen
This is a portrait I just completed of my friend
Roland. It was painted in my studio this
December 2011, with three afternoon sittings.

Self Portrait at 60
24x18 oil on canvas
I had my 60th birthday earlier this month, November, and could not
resist painting another self image. The painting evolved
over a period of several days as I stood in front of the mirror
observing myself. Life and Painting are a great adventure. I
hope to get another 30 good years.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Portrait and Figure Paintings

Eric 11x6 oil
This is an early portrait, 1981, when I was
first attempting to learn how to paint portraits.
George Van Hook and I shared a studio in Arcata,
Ca. and we had at least two models coming into 
the studio each day. It was a great time and really
helped me get my chops up. I have posted several
portraits from over the years. There are some gaps
as I don't have digital images of a lot of work.

Helen Botino, oil detail 1989

Bill McBride oil 8x6 1995


A Visitor, watercolor 14x11 2002

Self-Portrait, oil 2007 10x10
Self-Portrait, Oil 12x9 2010 

Ken, watercolor 14x11 2008

Edward, oil 54x48 2009

Self-Portrait, oil 68x48 2008 

Mike Galarda, oil 72x48 1996

Self-Portrait, oil 16x12 2011
I have a dual personality when it comes to painting and I often question
my motives for what I paint. Although I consider myself a traditional painter, I respond to
abstract paintings and expressionist paintings, as well as realism. I find much contemporary
realism to entrenched in 19th century painting, and many painters
rather dogmatic in their anti 20th century view of modern and contemporary art.
Every so often I need to step outside my own boundaries and see where
the work goes. I don't make it happen, it just does. Maybe it's because I'm approaching 60 that I have painted
five self-portraits this year. I have posted three recent self-portraits that have been very exciting to paint and come from my other side.

My Father, oil 20x16 2009

Paul Rickard, watercolor 14x11 2010

Profile Self-Portrait, oil 16x12 2011
This started with a lot of palette scrapings and took off from there.
It's hard to show all the texture in a photo.

Self-Portrait, oil 20x18 2011


Self-Portrait, Outside Noise oil, 2011 16x12

Healing Room, detail 2007
This is a detail of the painting I did of Terry when she was recovering
from the terrible fall she had in 2007.

Terry,  oil 2001 detail

Painting, Terry's Studio 2002 60x54

The Last Song, oil 1993 22x17

The Pirate, oil 1993 54x48
Jazz, pastel on cement sidewalk 2011
This was drawn on the sidewalk of the Arcata Plaza for
the North Coast Children's Services fundraiser. It from an old
black and white photo of Billie Holiday, Lester Young and
Coleman Hawkins. It was a fun piece to do, but back breaking
and tough to draw on the rough surface of the sidewalk.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Solo Show, George Stern Fine Arts

July Sunlight
24x32 oil on linen
                                                                       Garden Prayer
                                                                    30x36 oil on linen
                          I have posted several paintings that will be in my show at
                          George Stern Fine Arts, 8920 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood,
                          California. The show opens on September 10 and runs through
                          October 1st.
                          I spent the entire summer working in our yard painting the garden
                          and the views from our yard. Terry is the model in the garden paintings.
                          I'm also showing works I've painted around our home in Loleta and
                          up the coast in Trinidad.
                          The still life paintings and my self portrait were painted in the studio.
                          Most of the work is from this past year but the show includes works from the
                          past three years, paintings I haven't shown. There will be around 35 paintings
                          exhibited and most of the work should be on the George Stern web site once the
                          show opens. Thanks for taking a look.

Roses, Morning Sun
30x36 oil on linen

Roses, Last Light
11x13 oil on panel
Trinidad Pier, Grey Day
12x12 oil on panel
Garden, Afternoon Light
9x12 oil on panel
Self- Portrait
20x18 oil on linen

Begonias and Sunlight
30x40 oil on linen

Orchid and Odalisque
30x24 oil on linen

Cherry Blossoms
24x18 oil on linen

Golden Light
18x30 oil on linen

Lake Loleta, Morning
24x36 oil on linen

Light and Shadow
30x40 oil on linen
North Coast Morning
36x60 oil on linen

Orchids and Plums
40x30 oil on linen

16x20 oil on linen

Spring Showers
30x40 oil on linen

Summer Glow
20x40 oil on linen

Tending the Garden
30x40 oil on linen

The Lake, Fog
40x60 oil on linen

Summer Solstice
18x24 oil on linen
Lake Loleta, Afternoon Light
24x30 oil on linen

Begonias and Apples
30x36 oil on linen

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gardens, Figures and Painters

Faye's Garden 11x13 oil on panel

Alex Napping 12x16 oil on panel

Ken's Porch 12x9 oil on panel
Van Hook in Loleta 8x10 oil on paper

John Crater Painting Boats 11x14 oil on panel

Crater Paints Trinidad 9x12 oil on panel

Ken Paints 11x14 oil on panel

Summer Reading, Terry 24x30 oil on linen

Annie 12x16 oil on panel

Garden Painters 11x14 oil on panel

Porter Paints Trinidad 48x36 oil on linen

Steve Painting 6x6 watercolor

Terry Paints Brian 9x12 oil on linen