Sunday, December 2, 2012

Portraits, Still-life, Landscapes 2012

Rhododendrons  40x30
oil on linen
This was painted in the south east corner of my studio. I have
a view out to the garden.

I'm posting several works I painted this year, mostly the mid-size to larger
paintings. Most of my landscape painting has been small and on paper.
Some other pieces I wasn't able to finish or they did not come together. With the
very wet and foggy summer I painted more portraits and still life and also had fairly
constant light in the studio. I have a larger portrait of Terry in progress but it's
on hold. Next year I have a show of the works on paper at the Sewell Gallery
in Eureka, Ca. I will post several of those closer to the show.

June Twilight  30x48 oil on linen
This was painted from the back deck of our home along with work in the
 studio. Its a stunning view and the rain in June added some drama to the sky.

Still Life with Sunflowers and Red Gladiolus
36x30 oil on linen

Late summer Garden
24x36 oil on linen
Painted in the late afternoon August on through September.

Sunflowers and Violet Gladiolus
24x36 oil on linen

Portrait of the Artist Andrew Daniel
48x36  oil on linen

Self Portrait 34x24
oil on linen

William S. Pierson, Photographer
30x36  oil on linen

Cherry Blossom Rhythms
14x11 oil on linen on panel
I won the Silver award for this painting in the Oil Painters of America
regional show in Denver this year. 

Orchids and Plums
40x30 oil on linen
I painted this in 2011 but wanted to include it because this painting
won 1st place in the PleinAir Magazine Solon Competition for
September-October 2012

Sketch of Megan 16x12
oil on panel
Megan was sitting for Terry and I for larger paintings.
Something came up and we were not able to complete
the works we had started. Life can get in the way of art.

Red Rhododendron
16x12 oil on panel
This is an amazing Rhododendron the flowers each winter.
I painted this study in Jan. and hope to possibly paint a larger
piece this winter. It's painted from the deck of our studios.

Late Spring Garden
24x30 oil on linen
Our garden is in the front yard and each year provides us with endless
beauty and compositions. This was painted late afternoon and Terry modeled.

Sketch of Terry Painting
12x9 oil on paper
Our friend Alicia was visiting and painted a piece of Terry
and me at work. I painted this quick study.

Portrait study of Terry
12x12 oil on panel
While visiting friends in Mendocino we painted each other in Don's studio.


  1. Great work as usual Jim! Enjoy seeing your posts, miss painting with you, life CAN get in the way. Cheers! Corey

  2. Thanks for commenting on my humble blog, Jim! I was floored! :)
    I have been a big fan of your work for years!
    It is a joy to view the great paintings you have posted.

    1. Thanks Dean and everyone else for the comments. Jim

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  4. In many of your still life and indoor works I get a really definite sense that you are painting in a cool north light, and I think that's neat. I'm trying to understand what makes me perceive that, is it your colors, or your value range? I suppose it's both, and I'm looking at your works for study, as well as for their beauty.

    1. I paint mostly under my skylight which is a cool light. The studio light is always more beautiful on an overcast day. It is the colors and value range that is very different than painting outdoors with the landscape flooded with sunlight.