Sunday, June 17, 2012

Recent Landscape Paintings

Loleta, February Morning oil on panel 12x9

I'm posting several landscapes I've painted over the past six months. Humboldt County
had a very dry and sunny December, January and February. I was outside painting most
of those stunning days. I find the color and tones in the winter months very beautiful as
well as a great contrast to all the greens. This time of year we are swimming in green. I'm
currently working on paintings of our garden, with a few outings to paint other locations.
I hope to get up to Trinidad to paint the ocean and rocks later this summer. All of the work
was painted on site. My photos of the paintings are not the best. I hope to soon buy a better
camera and figure out how to deal with the glare. Thanks for viewing the work. I have also
been working on some still life and portrait paintings over the past eight months and plan
to post those later this summer.
Singley Valley Pond 24x40 oil on linen

Late Light, Winter 12x24 oil on linen

Blue Lake, Late Spring 10x14 oil on paper

View From Manila Dunes 24x40 oil on linen

First Light, January 18x20 oil on linen

December Morning, 10am 12x16 oil on linen

December Morning, 9am  oil on panel

Ferndale Ranch 10x14 oil on paper

Ferndale Field, Spring 6 1/2x9 1/2 oil on paper

Hawks Hill, Morning Light  11x15 oil on paper

Late Afternoon, Hawks Hill 8x10 oil on panel

December Morning, Lake Loleta 18x30 oil on linen

Loleta Bottoms  12x16 oil on panel

Loleta  10x14 oil on paper

Fall, Loleta Hills  16x40 oil on linen

Mad River, June  9x12 oil on panel

Our View, May  18x30 oil on linen

Mad River Poppies  9x13 oil on paper

Barn and Eucalyptus  11x15 oil on paper

Singley Valley, Spring 20x24 oil on linen

Windy Afternoon  8x10 oil on panel

Late Afternoon, May  13x20  oil on paper

Winter Pond  12x16 oil on panel


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    Phill Flanders