Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Laughing Self

Laughing Self   36x36 oil on canvas

I painted this self portrait in January 2012. This canvas
sat in my studio for a couple of months as I kept adding
palette scrapings intending to paint my portrait surrounded
 by all the paint. I thought I would paint my frustration
  with the many things in life that just don't make any sense
 and the insanity that is so much a part of our human existence.
 I looked in the mirror for the expression to convey those feelings.
 Laughter is what came to me. All the bird shapes just seemed to
appear as the painting evolved. I had a great time working on this
piece. I'm so thankful for the Arts, Love and all the 
stunning Beauty on this planet and beyond.
If you don't laugh, you'll cry.


I liked this photo with the sepia tones. It's interesting
to see all that color as values and to see how it sits behind
the figure. The form really shows against the flat shapes.


  1. This piece is really quite unique and fun! It really feels like something cathartic is coming out. The birds are painted with reckless abandon, they remind me of the spontaniety of Robert Colscott's work.


    I think you are tapping into something internal that needs sharing!

    1. Great energy in your self portrait!Love your portrait of Roland too!

    2. Looks like you are finding joy! There is something very present about your latest portraits. Thanks for sharing Jim.

  2. Jim...I am overjoyed to have "found" you again! I first became aware of your work in the early 80's.
    Your self portrait and its background are inspiring!