Thursday, April 23, 2015

Two Workshops this Fall

I will be giving two workshops this Fall. The first is through the Morris Graves Foundation in Loleta, California. Loleta is 10 miles south of Eureka, Ca. The workshop is September 11,12, and 13. For information and to register call, 707-733-5271. Please leave your information and your call with be returned. You can see a materials list at a post below this one. This is a wonderful and very private piece of property.

The second workshop is a five day workshop in Sedona Az. through the Sedona Arts Center. The dates are October 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. This link will give you the information plus a link to register. I look forward to both of these workshops and painting with each of you that sign up. Thank you.

The Lake  oil on linen 30x36

Sedona Color  oil on linen 20x24

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Painting Workshop, Sedona Arizona

I will be teaching a workshop in Sedona, Arizona at the Sedona Art Center. "Painting Larger on Location' Wed.-Friday October 22-24. We will work plein air on small or larger paintings. I will also be the keynote speaker for the 10th annual Sedona Plein Air Festival. For all the information and to register for the workshop please click on the link below. Thank you for taking a look at my blog.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Workshop at the Morris Graves Lake Property, Loleta, Ca.

I will be doing a Workshop through the Morris Graves Foundation September 19, 20, and 21. Below is information and a materials list. If you are interested please call the Foundation at 707-733-5271. There are still a few openings left. I have also posted a piece I painted last September at the Lake. 
'The Lake, Afternoon Sun'  24x36

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Artist's Road an interview with Jim McVicker

The Artist's RoadAnn Trusty Hulsey and John Hulsey have written an article about me with an interview. There is a short profile for everyone to read below. You can also subscribe to read the long profile and see more images. Thanks for taking a look. They do very good work with lots of artists interviews. Well worth becoming a member.
Voices of Experience:
Jim McVicker,

Sunday, February 16, 2014

'Plein Air Paintings, December 2013'

It's been awhile since I have posted recent works. These plein air works were all painted during the month of December and the last week of November. Terry and I went up to Moonstone Beach, Trinidad California and painted each day with several of are painter friends. The weather was perfect each and every day, with sun, warmth and little to no wind. Not a normal winter for us. I love the winter colors so it was great to be able to get out so much. The rains have at last been with us for the past couple of weeks. I have been asked about my palette so I will list my colors here, from Titanium White in the front and moving left around my palette. Cad Yellow Lemon, Cad. Yellow, Naples Yellow, Yellow ocher, Raw Sienna, Transparent Red Oxide, Cad Red Light, Alizarine Crimson, Cobalt Violet Light, Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Blue and Kings Blue. I also sometimes use Viridian Green and Cad. Orange. Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean Blue, Cad Red and Yellow plus Naples Yellow, Yellow Ocher, Kings Blue, Transparent Red Oxide and White would be the pigments I use the most.

Porter Paints Moonstone
oil on linen panel 11x14
Terry Paints Little River
oil on Linen Panel 5x7

Andrew Daniel Paints Moonstone Beach
oil on linen panel 10x14

Morning Light
oil on linen panel 10x14

Loleta oil on panel 5x7

Late Afternoon, Little River
oil on linen panel 9x12

Two Painters Paint Little River
oil on linen panel 9x12

Mad River
oil on linen panel 5x7

Moonstone Beach
oil on linen panel 12x16

Late December Light, Little River
oil on linen panel 12x16

Rocks, Mid-Morning, Little River
oil on linen panel 11x14

Little River, Morning Light
oil on linen 16x20

Moonstone Rocks
Watercolor 10x14

Low Tide, Moonstone
watercolor 11x15

watercolor 10x14

Rock at Little River
water 8x12

Friday, November 22, 2013

'Trinidad California, Paintings from the North Coast'

We have had some very dry weather and little fog this late summer and fall. In late September through October my wife Terry and I drove up to Trinidad each day to meet up and paint with several friends. Most days were stunning, some very windy so we had to back off the bluffs or pack it up for the day. Down on the beach there was some protection from the wind. This body of work was painted during that time period, most of it from the bluffs above Trinidad State Beach, some from other areas in Trinidad when I tried to escape the winds. I also have posted three watercolors. Sometimes I make a watercolor work with only transparent washes, but you'll see I have used opaque passages when all else failed. I enjoy working with watercolor and don't mind going opaque if I can make the painting work. It does tend to take on the look of an oil. Everything was painted on site with some adjustments made in the studio where I felt it was needed. Thanks for taking a look and I appreciate any comments.

Trinidad State Beach with Painter
9x12 oil on linen panel

Morning shadows, Trinidad State Beach
24x36 oil on linen

Morning Shadows 11x14 oil on linen panel

Afternoon Sun 11x14 oil on linen panel

Bluff Painters Four 9x12 oil on linen on panel

Bluff Painters 12x9 oil on linen on panel

College Cove Afternoon 11x15

College Cove Bathers 11x15

Arch, Trinidad State Beach 7x10
opaque watercolor

Incoming Fog 9x12 oil on linen panel

Late Light 16x24 Trinidad State Beach

Mid-Morning, State Beach 12x16
oil on linen panel

Low Tide-Late Light 5x7 oil on linen panel

Low Tide 2 7x5 oil on linen on panel

Luffenholtz Cypress 12x16 oil on linen panel

Mid Morning Sun 11x14 oil on linen panel

Sea Stacks, Low Tide 14x18 oil on linen panel

Afternoon Sun, Trinidad State Beach
16x12 oil on line panel