Friday, October 25, 2013

' The Lake Paintings'

In September I gave a workshop at the Morris Graves property which is now run by the Morris Graves Foundation and offers about nine artists retreats per year. The workshop had 10 painters and lasted three days. Terry and I spent two weeks at the lake. It was one of my most perfect painting experiences. There are no phones, TV, radio, cameras or computers allowed on the property. It's the most peaceful quiet we have had in a long time. We painted everyday from early light to late, ate our meals, read some and slept for the night. I have posted all the work I completed plus the two demos I painted for the workshop. We had sun, some morning fog and a bit of rain. It's a stunning place.

Old Alder 24x30 oil on linen

Demo showing my block in on a grey morning 11x14

Afternoon demo 12x9 The bright yellow stuff is duck weed

Grey Afternoon 12x16 oil on linen on panel

Inside Morris Graves Home 9x12 oil on panel
It rained a lot this day, so I went into the house and painted the
 view from the living room out to the lake. It's just as Morris left it.

The Lake, Afternoon Sun 23x36 oil on linen

The Lake, Fog 30x36 oil on linen

The Lake, Morning Sun  18x24 oil on linen

Late Light 24x30 oil on linen

The Lake, Mid-Morning Sun  20x30 oil on linen


  1. Thanks for sharing your block-ins. That helps a lot to see your process. Stunning work.

  2. I love your paintings, I learn a lot seeing your work, thanks.

    1. Thanks Stephen, Sergio and Judy for your comments.

  3. Beautiful work, love looking at your preliminary block-ins. I'm just back from a workshop, where temperature (and the value of course) was stressed. So a sunny, but usual green field was blocked in with a dulled orange, because that is warmer that starting with green. Then greens were added later, but this way the warmth of the grass relative to the scene was maintained. But it looks like you start with laying in the local color, and can make that work to capture whatever the light is. Am I correct, and how do you work with the local color? Do you think of temperature much? Thanks for any info. Judy

  4. I live in Oregon....surrounded by so much green! It often seems overwhelming. Looking at these breathtaking green-green paintings I recognize that the problem of "too much green" lies in the painter...not the landscape. I love each and every one. wow!!