Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gardens, Figures and Painters

Faye's Garden 11x13 oil on panel

Alex Napping 12x16 oil on panel

Ken's Porch 12x9 oil on panel
Van Hook in Loleta 8x10 oil on paper

John Crater Painting Boats 11x14 oil on panel

Crater Paints Trinidad 9x12 oil on panel

Ken Paints 11x14 oil on panel

Summer Reading, Terry 24x30 oil on linen

Annie 12x16 oil on panel

Garden Painters 11x14 oil on panel

Porter Paints Trinidad 48x36 oil on linen

Steve Painting 6x6 watercolor

Terry Paints Brian 9x12 oil on linen


  1. The painting of Alex napping really captures the mood. It's as if the flowers are floating off, the way the unconscious brain feels when asleep.

  2. awesome painting series-
    love Faye's garden.

  3. Great paintings. Be sure to scroll down and hit "Older Posts" for the terrific Sea Ranch paintings.